Come on feet let's hit the street, let's go out dancing
Come on heart, it's time to start a brand new day
Come on eyes, that starry sky ain't gonna watch itself tonight
Fuck you brain, this is gonna be okay.

Come on hands, let’s hold her tight and paint the town red
Come on words, you know just what you want to say
Come on lungs, you gotta breathe that fresh air in and let it go
Fuck you brain, I know we’re gonna be ok

C-R-A-Z... "zed" ..."zee"... "zed"...whatever.
I can't believe it’s something people say
Come on world, it’s time to show some more compassion, don’t ya know?
Fuck you brain, things is gonna be okay


Come on everyone, we're all in this together
If you hold me up I'll do the same for you
In this life you need a friend that's gonna be there til the end
Fuck you brain, so long my old friend the blues

C-R-A-Z... "zed" ..."zee"... "zed"...whatever.
It seems absurd to hear that word today (“what’s crazy anyway?”)
Come on guys, let’s understand some folk could use a helping hand
Fuck you brain, I’m gonna make it through today, yeah
Fuck you brain, things is gonna be okay


from Fuck You Brain, released December 5, 2016
Ginger Wildheart & Ryan Hamilton



all rights reserved


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